Hit and Run

So leaving work yesterday, I'm pulling out of the parking garage, and round the corner, maybe going 2 mph if that, and some guy whips around the corner so fast and completely runs into me. I slam on the breaks before he hits me and honk like he wasn't even looking and he still slams into me. Oh but the best part is, after he looks up at me, he reverses the car and peels our of the garage. He goes out of his way driving over the curb and out the wrong direction exit to get away. I'm honking and trying to memorize his plate and just watching him speed out of there. Classy guy. So I'm so shaken when I call Greg cuz I don't know what to do, I'm a crying mess. He tells me to call the police so I pull around the front of my work and call them. I'm on the phone with them and walking around my car with the security guard for about 15 mins and the guy that hit me, pulls around the corner up behind my car. He gets out and I AM PISSED. I'm all, "Hey you decided to come back??" And he actually has attitude and just holds up his insurance card in my face. He's like, "I had to go get this". Really guy? That's all he says. Wow. Not five minutes later the cop shows up. I tell her everything that happened and how he drove off. His only response is, "I didn't realize I hit her." The cop just laughs and says sure, i just bet. What a jerk this guy. After everything he changed his story like 3 times while sitting there. From, I didn't realize I hit her, to my friend say the front of my car and said maybe I should go back. Geez. Love some of the people in this world. So, as it turns out, in Texas even if at first the other car hits then runs, as long as they eventually come back to exchange info, it's not a felony so the copy couldn't assign fault or even arrest him for anything. She took down notes but said now it's up to the insurance companies to assign fault. SO help me if they come back with even a single ounce of blame on my end....I"m gonnna lose it. Still so angry about it. Our car's not as bad as his, it could have been a lot worse been the fact he hit, then left, only to return with such and attitude is why I'm still so angry. Geez.


Gettin' Crafty!!

 I Sewing

So I’m excited to be getting in touch with my crafty side and have recently discovered how much I love to sew. Not just anything but particularly baby stuff sew. Meaning, I ♥ making baby car seat canopies, and burp clothes and binky clips and blankies. Love it. Our baby is gonna have it all cuz their mama's can't stop sewing. So, in our ward at church, we have a baby shower almost every week, seriously, so were always having to come up with gifts. The last few I have decided to just start making stuff because we'll save some money and I just love doing it. I started out by making my first every car seat canopy for a friend of mine and her adorable little son just to see how it turned out. Well, it worked and I've been hooked ever since. Here are a few shots she was kind enough to send me....tough not having a car seat of my own to model my creations. :)

So with this new found love of sewing everything baby cuteness, I'm going to fire up a new blog just for crafts and things that happen to turn out. It's not quite ready yet, but when it's up you'll be the first to know. And if only my grandma was more computer savvy....or blogged whatsoever, she would love the idea of it's name. For as long as I can remember, she has always called my "Miss B" and I super love my grams so you'll see when the blog comes to life what I mean!


Picnic Party

The weather is perfect for a picnic! I'm totally ready to go party at the park. A little badminton, maybe some bocce ball, a bunch of tasty finger foods, a good book to read while lying on hubby's tummy. I'm so there! Please let the weather stay nice for a fun Saturday!



Ok, didn't go into this moving expecting much. I was more along because hubby really wanted to see it. He loves his action flicks. So we got the Fox's, Sutton along the lines of wanting to see it as much as me, and ventured to Tuesday night's new tradition. 2 for 1 Tuesdays rock! So, from the opening scene of the movie, there it is action packed and pretty much stays that way for 2 solid hours. Normally I would be quite bored with this much "man" in a movie but I was pleasently surprised. Sutton and I both have brothers in the Army so we were super proud, while terrified at the same time watching the movie. While most scenes were gun fights and explosives, it held my attention quite well. If you liked Speed, Independece Day and Godzilla then this is the movie for you. It was sort of a mix of all three of those movies. Even with a few cheesy lines, there were some emotional parts that were great to break up the constant gunfire. If you haven't seen it yet, I would actually recommend it even though critics weren't really a fan.


The Story of Us

I wanted to write down the story of us so that one day when things start getting hazy, we'll both be able to look back and remember just how incredible it was. If you'd like to, please read our story it's on it's on page.  I get a  bit long winded but I couldn't leave out some of my favorite details. Enjoy!

♥ Britt and Greg


Wednesday Wishes

Yay, Wednesday Wishes with Brooke at Bright Wishes

These fabulous boots I found at Famous Footwear for not a small fortune.
Must have someday.

I'm find that things are constantly falling out of my purse but I don't like giant purses.
So I wish for Herminones hand bag in the 7th Harry Potter book/movie that she
puts an extending charm on. Never ending space. Brilliant.

I wish for the possibility of permanent hair color change. This is my favorite hair color
I currently have it but with roots already showing. Luckily I already have brown hair so 
regrowth isn't terrible but I so wish I could have this color all the time without constant
root touch ups. Someday technology will catch up with hair :)

The Adjustment Bureau

So last night for our new tradition of movie night Tuesday's, we went to see The Adjustment Bureau. I went in with high hopes as I love me some Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Unfortunately, I was a little bummed with the outcome. I loved the idea for the story line it just never really developed into something as exciting as the previews made it out to be. I'm thinking it was a lack of Jason Bourne action to keep me interested. I think if you like Matt Damon you should see it, maybe on DVD, but it turned out to be more of a romance story than action just to warn you. I also love me some romance movies, so I still enjoyed it even though I had different expectations. Seems like most of the husbands in our group weren't big fans of it. The wives are just easily entertained :)


Movie Night!

Yay! Thanks to our awesome friends, Ben and Sutton, we have discovered 2 for 1 Tuesdays! We love going to the movies on Tuesday nights now as it is half the price. Tonights feature is going to be The Adjustment Bureau, with the ever talented Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Love them both! Hope it's a goody! If you find yourself boread on a Tuesday night, the movie theater by Walmart in Irving is the place to be!


Missing the Husband...

Greg left for Arizona yesterday for work and is gone till Saturday afternoon. Not a whole week but long enough to make me lonely and bummed. I'd forgotten what it's like spending your nights alone. Our kitty likes to cuddle with me at night while he's away which is good. Pretty sure I'd go crazy alone for 4 days without the fur ball. Miss you husband. Please come home soon.
♥ Wife


I ♥ Theatre

Last night Greg and I had a fun family/date night! We went to see a friend I work with in the production of The Sound of Music. It was wonderful and so fun to hear her belt it out, she was the head nun Mother Abess! She did a-maz-ing! Wish I had a pair of lungs like that! I kept catching Greg looking at me through out the show. I found myself constantly smiling like a kid in a candy store. He says I looked really excited the whole night. Aww. Well I love the theatre and I miss it terribly. I was never anything big in high school plays, a few small parts here and there cuz I don't have the singing ability I think I do. Shower and car don't count as talent. And that was the first play I'd seen in a while and I adore me some musicals! Beauty and the Beast is coming to Fort Worth in April and I'm already hunting for ticket deals! Luckily, I have a killer husband who actually enjoys the theatre. How many of us wives can say that? Yay me cuz he likes watching plays! Although maybe not with my crazy often obsessive please, but still, he makes it a fun date night for us! Now I haven't been able to stop singing, "The hills are alive...." all day! Great. Anyways, can't wait to see Beauty and the Beast and anything else we come across!