Ever Olivia ~ 4 Months Old

Evie Girl,

4 Months old and you have done so much this last month! Besides growing before our eyes you got to met so many new people that just adore you! You made your first trip to Utah to visit a lot of family and see Daddy's brother get married. You got to meet your Great Grandparents who couldn't get enough of you. You also got to meet more of your cousins, aunt and uncles that you also have wrapped around your little finger. Your Grandma and Grandpa Hammond came to Texas and meet you as well. They loved you so much they wanted to pack you and take you home with them!

It has been a huge month for milestones too baby girl. You rolled over for the first time and it was beautiful! Grandma and Grandpa were lucky enough to be out here when you did it the first time and we all just cheered! So cute. You have also discovered your toes and love to hold your legs up and hang on the them. Your discovering how good they taste because they are in your mouth a lot just like everything else you can get your little paws on. Your also about to sit up on your on too. You can sit up if you're leaning on your arms but then topple over after a few seconds. It's adorable to watch. 

No teeth yet but you drool more than a puppy so we're sure they are coming any day now. You have come around to smiling at just about anyone who holds you. We miss seeing all the family because you just smiled for a two weeks straight! You love when people smile at you and you always return an adorable gummy grin! Pretty sure you want to start eating real food now cuz you always reach for mommy's when she's eating. You really love to reach out and grab anything and everything though. 

You just got your 4 month shots a few days ago and you were so brave! You didn't even cry! They gave you two big shots and some little drink with medicine in it. That was adorable. It was really sweet tasting and you were pulling the cutest face. I don't think you really enjoyed it. The doctor says you are growing right on schedule though. You are actually in the 99th percentile for height. Since you were born you have already grown 7 inches. You are now 27 inches tall! You are in the 95th percentile for weight and are a healthy 15.5 pounds now! You're gonna be tall just like your momma. 

It has been an amazing 4 months watching your grow and see your personality coming out. Daddy and I were really blessed with such a happy baby and we love seeing you smile at us everyday! We love you more and more everyday little bug!

Mommy and Daddy

You found your toes!

Meeting your Grandma Hammond and Aunts Emily and Lauren
for the first time in Texas. 

She loves her Grandma!

Like Grandpa like Granddaughter! 

Fort Worth Zoo with the fam. 

Meeting Uncle Talon for the first time!

Meeting your Great Grandma Smith!

Yeah....that's duct tape. Ran out of diapers and GG's house so she got a
kitchen towel and some duct tape and made this beauty!

Great Grandpa Smith!

Meeting some of your cousins. Taylor and Hailee  

Hogle Zoo with the Fam.

You loved playing with your cousins!

Swinging with mommy.

Aunt Heidi and cousin Linlee.

Such a happy girl with mommy and daddy. 

Happy with Grandpa Lee

Pretty baby! This is at your Uncle Jeff's wedding at Fish Lake
in Utah.

Grandma, Grandpa and all the cousins!

This month we also got to celebrate our first Fathers Day with Daddy. 
We made him a sweet little rack for his ties that says,
"Daddy's love TIES us together." He loved it!