Polly and Blakes Wedding

Greg and I were lucky enough to be able to go home to Utah for a quick weekend and be a part of mom's wedding. It was beautiful and soooo great to so see much family all together. Blake is a great guy and we are lucky to have him as a part of our family. Our family friend Kari took all the pictures and did amazing!(She did our wedding too) I'm so glad we were able to make it out there and be with the family for this. Mom moved to California after their 2 weeks in Hawaii. Hope we get to visit them out there in the sunshine soon! Love you guys!

Amazing cake done by another family friend

Polly and Britt (she was glowing that night)

My Beautiful mother and awesome new stepdad Blake


Bocce Ball

Saturdays roll around and we love playing some Bocce Ball with Ben and Sutton.


My birthday "cake"

Had to post my "birthday cake" video. It just makes me laugh every time. Cherry turnover and match birthday candles. Birthday to remember :)

Happy 24!

Happy Birthday to me! Better late than never but finally getting some birthday photos up. Turned 24 and celebrating a fun time with my sweet hubby! Birthday night Greg took me out to dinner to Benihanas. It's my favorite place for special occasions. I have been there for my birthday every year for the last several years. Love it! Greg doesn't do seafood and still catches the shrimp in his mouth every year for me. What a trooper right?? So after dinner we decide to just head home and watch a movie together. We didn't do a birthday cake this year, because I'm not a huge cake fan. I usually do birthday pie :) But since we didn't have time for either of those, Greg hit the drive thru at Arbys and got me a cherry turnover, so good! We get home and don't have any birthday candles, and Greg is determined to get me my birthday wish so he sticks a match in the turnover and lights it and sings real quick so i get my birthday wish! Can you say best husband ever. He's just too cute! And if you can't tell by the photo, I get crazy excited opening presents. He got me so adorable boots and one of my favorite games, Cranium! Awesome birthday!!!


Christmas 2011!

So this year, we are in Texas for Christmas. It is also the first year we have spent Christmas away from both of our families. It was hard for me to think about having Christmas Eve dinner and games and Christmas morning without being around family but eventually I got used to the idea. Once I had accepted that we would be staying here for the holiday, I started making our own plans and getting really excited. We made a big Christmas Eve dinner of Greg's delicious Enchiladas and had the Fox's over for dinner and games. Earlier that day we made a bunch of extras and took them over to the Byers. Lauren and Steve just had a baby boy, Nicholas Steven Byers(Cole for short) and we finally got to see him! ADORABLE! He is one of the sweetest most laid back baby ever. So sweet. So we had and awesome Christmas eve.

Greg and I were as excited as kids going to bed that night. When we got up, Greg made me stay put while he got the camera all ready and had to film the whole thing. Goof. Love him for it. Exactly what my mom makes us do every year. Then we took our time opening gifts. We had Christmas music playing in the background and just laughed as we opened gifts and really enjoyed our first Christmas just the two of us. Later after some of the excitement wore off, we( started cooking up a storm for Christmas dinner. That night we loaded everything up and went to the Fox's for dinner. Sutton made a ham that rocked and all the trimmings and goodies in between. When we couldn't eat another bite, we settled around the living room and played one of the funniest and most entertaining games on the Wii ever. Ha. So should have got pics of us laughing so hard. So all in all our Christmas turned out perfect shared with each other and some great friends!

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Catching up...Thanksgiving!

This was our first year celebrating the holidays away from Utah and most of our family. Lucky for us, Greg's parents were able to visit! It was so awesome having them here with us and we were super grateful for the tasty traditional dinner they made up for us.

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to tour the JFK museum and it was fascinating. We got to walk through the old 6th floor library where Lee Harvey Oswald shot out the window at the Kennedys. So much of it was heartbreaking to learn about but it was very interesting to just be there and see so much of the footage. Walked around the grassy knoll and across the roads where the parade was actually happening.
It was a really fun day exploring Dallas with Greg's parents. We were so grateful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with family and had so much fun with them. Late nights playing pit, eating tons of turkey leftovers, not to mention Barbs homemade apple pie (Rod and mines fav!). We love you guys for coming to visit! Made our holiday!

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