Crochet is just Cool

Spent some fun time over Thanksgiving with baby girls
Grandma Lee learning some mad crochet skills.
Featured baby Craft #5: Newborn Crocheted Hats

Made these in hopes of taking her newborn pics myself and always thought
little crocheted hats were so cute. We'll see if they even fit her when
she gets here.

Also testing out the new Camera the Hubs got me for Christmas. Lovin' the railroad tracks right by us.


Car Seat Cover Cuteness

Rain or shine, baby girl is ready to venture out with mommy when she gets here.  
Hoping this will help keep complete strangers from wanting to touch the newborn cuteness.

 Featured Baby Craft #4: Her Super cute Car Seat Cover


Who Doesn't Love a Clutch?

Baby girl and I are stylin' now. Almost looking forward to all those, middle of church, 
on the highway, grocery store checkout, even 3:00 am diaper
changing bonding moments!

Featured Baby Craft #3:  Travel Wipe Clutch

 Best of all - It's refillable and small enough to take with us everywhere.
I'm all about the ease before baby even gets here!


Dream Boots

Always wanted this one pair of boots. 

Never had my size anywhere. 

Greg, heaven sent, got wind of this and tracked down these beauties and was able to special order them for my birthday. 

Just arrived this week. Been living in them ever since. 

So in love....



I don't know what it is, but 24 sounds so much younger to me than 25. But I am embracing it and enjoying being (as Greg's dad so lovingly likes to put it) a quarter of a century old. I always like my birthdays growing up even though it got tough having it only 4 days after Christmas, but now being married, I never feel more special than I do on my birthday. 

Greg does an amazing job every year to make me feel so special and loved and turns my B-day into a big deal. Love that man more every year.

He started the day off with making me breakfast with a nice side dish of presents!

I had a picture of these really specific riding boots hanging on my mirror for a long time and he tracked them down only to learn they weren't being made any more. He did however find me an adorable pair I love.

Then came the work day. Blah. 

When we got home, we got ready to head out to dinner. I had one gift left from my Dad and Julie so I got to open that one. 

 They got me a very sweet Willow Tree statue. This one is called "Cherish". I beautiful little prego mama huggin' her tum. Sits on our mantle now. So sweet. 

Then of course being who Greg is, he told me I had one more gift I had to open. 
It was a biggy.
I got all sorts of excited.
I thought he might have but didn't dare to get my hopes up.
Then I ripped the wrapping paper off it....

Yes, he had. He got me a baby glider for our sweet baby girl's room. 
This face doesn't do my reaction justice. It was priceless.

This is the beaut he got me. Baby G is gonna love it. 

 Then finally, it was time to eat!
Being pregnant...I was maybe a little too excited for dinner...

 As it has been tradition since I was maybe 14, we go to Benihanas for my birthday every year. It's pretty much the best. And this year without fail, Greg made it happen!

Most of our friends were out of town for the holidays but lucky us, we had an amazing time with our go to couple, the Foxes. Love them.

It really was an awesome day turning 25. Perfect way to finish up 2011. I'm grateful for all the things this year has brought to our lives and all we have been blessed to experience. I look forward to everything 2012 has to offer and can't wait for the newest member of our family to get here and start life with her. Finally, I'm especially grateful I get to be married to such a wonderful guy that makes every day better than the one before. Love you honey. 


Obsessed much?

Seeing as were having a girl, of course I'm going to want to dress her up and a ba-jallion different bows, clips and headbands so I figured we might as well decorate her room while staying organized at the same time.

Here is one of her walls above her changing table that will be her hair accessories department. I just found a few frames from Goodwill, had the hubby paint them purple and added some fabric and ribbon to the backing and voila! They make perfect little hair accessory holders!

These are mostly bows I made before I knew I was even prego. I love making them for other people. Needless to say, our baby girl is gonna have a ton of them seeing as I'm obsessed...only a little... ok a lot.

I'm still working on making another frame like holder with little posts that I can hand all her headbands on, she's got several! Can't wait to show ya!

Today's Featured Baby Craft #2: Bow Boards