Ever Olivia ~ 8 Months Old

Evie Bear,

   8 months old in the blink of an eye baby girl! Your aren't our little baby any more. You have become so active and mobile and even your 8 month old picture makes you look like a little girl instead of our butterball baby. You now have 6 lil chompers and counting. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. We think you are getting more because you have been having a couple fussy nights so we'll watch our for more. You are becoming a good eater more and more. You eat all the pureed baby food we offer and love some different snacks. We are trying to introduce new things and you take your time accepting them. Right now you eat all things pureed, cereal puffs, veggie puffs, gold fish and yogurt melts. We have attempted grapes and fig newtons but you have a hard time liking things that have different textures than you're used to. The newtons  stick to you but you'll eat them after playing with them for a while. Then grapes you eat but you also have to push them around for a bit before committing  We're going to start feeding you more of our food now that you've got so many teeth to chomp with. You're always eyeballing our food.
   You have started crawling a little more each day. You have mastered the scooch and pull but now you will get up on your knees and crawl for several steps then just flop to your tummy and continue scooching. You pull yourself up on just about everything now like your crib, toy box, couch, moms legs, pretty much everything you can.
   We celebrated your first Halloween this month and had a ball. Mom and dad threw a Halloween party at our house and we all had a ball getting dressed up and playing with friends. For your first Halloween mommy made you an adorable Lil Red Riding Hood costume. Daddy was the big bad wolf and mom was the granny. It was really fun seeing you all dressed up. We are totally going trick or treating next year little bug. Mama loves the fall and this year we went to the pumpkin patch for the first time! We didn't stay long but mom sure loved it! We got some adorable pictures of you playing with all the pumpkins and driving tractors with daddy. It was a lot of fun seeing you out there. Later we painted pumpkins instead of carving this year and got you your own little baby pumpkin. You had fun watching mom and dad helping glue pretty leaves on the pumpkins then spray paint over them and pull the leaves off to make pretty designs.
   This last month we have been to the new park a lot with some of your friends. You love being around the kids and are so cute interacting with them. You have a little buddy named Caden that is just a sweet heart but we totally think you two are twins! You love playing with him and the way you two act is so similar and you make a lot of the same faces. Adorable. You tried the swing for the first time this month. They are the little baby bucket swings but they are huge for babies so you were just kind flopping around in it. You liked it for maybe a minute but you're still a little small for them but we are excited to go back. You really enjoyed the teeter-totter with mom. You just laugh and smile the whole time.
   You're even more of a chatterbox and have started saying what sounds like da da and ma ma. I get so excited listening to you smile but most of the time it sounds like da da da da blah blah dad blah. So not quite a clear daddy or mommy but we like to think so. You are still the sweetest baby I have ever been around and are despite teething, still the happiest little girl I've ever seen. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you can stop and look to see where I am and flash me the biggest smile with all those teeth. Melts my heart every day. You get excited when dad comes home just like I did as a kid and you light up when you see him. Beautiful. We love you so much sweet girl!

Mom and Dad

Your new best friend. 
Painting pumpkins for Halloween

You and your little man Caden at the park. 
Loving the swing for a minute. 
We both really enjoyed the teeter-totter.
The Twins.
Ready for sunday
All perdy and ready for church.
Pretty girls.
Another day of awsome teeter-tottering.
More swinging.

Family Tractor
Concentrating on driving the tractor.

Sweet little angel hanging out with the pumpkins. 
Wagon family.
You had had enough pumpkins at the end. 
Little red.

Sweet baby red.