Ever Olivia ~ 2 Months Old

Sweet Ever,

Little girl, just like last month I can't believe another four weeks have passed. You get bigger and more beautiful with each passing day bug. Mommy and daddy are more in love with you than ever before. Only in the last few weeks have you really started smiling and cooing at us. There is nothing more amazing honey. We both can get you to smile so much and we just love it! I can sit and baby talk with you all day. This last week in April you have done so well sleeping at night. You only get up once now and sleep amazingly the reswt of the night. Mommy and daddy couldn't be happier about that.

This month on Easter Sunday we were able to bless you in church and that whole week you finally got to meet Grandma and Grandpa Lee as well as the Johnson clan. Can't wait for Grandma and Grandpa Hammond to come out in June so they can meet you as well. They already love you so much.

Just yesterday we took you in for your two month check up and shots. Mommy had to have Daddy come along because I was a little nervous for the shots part. Turns out I could have handled it because you were one brave little girl and only cried just a little. So proud babe.At two months you weighed 13 pounds and are 24 inches tall. Growing like a weed kid. We think you're gonna be tall like your momma!

We are so taken with you every day sunshine. We love you so much and can't wait to see what month three brings.

Mommy and Daddy

Your Happenings of Month 2:

You met Grandpa...

 and Grandama Lee. 
Fell in love with them both!

 You enjoyed the botanical gardens of Fort Worth.

We took pics in the rose garden in your little Easter dress.

Finally broke in your gigantic sun hat.

You finally got to meet your Aunt Monica and cousins Braxton, Kaylee and Sadie.

Went to your first Easter egg hunt at the park.

We colored Easter eggs by the pool with the fam. 

Momma took more photos of your hair. Can't help it. Just cracks me up.

You got your very own Easter basdket this year complete with a personal apple from Grandma and Grandpa Hammond.

 You LOVE bathtime now.

You were blessed in church becoming a member of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

 Your great grandma made this gorgeous blessing gown for the occasion. 

You are just our sweet beautiful baby girl.

We love you sweet Ever.