Now that the madness of the holidays and my birthday are calming down....I have finally found time to start a new blog series to keep me busy till baby girl gets here.

 For several months now, I have been stock piling things I have made for baby girl. You could say I'm a bit of a baby-craft-addict. Even before we knew it was a girl, (I just thought she was) I went to town on a list of things I wanted to make for her. So, now that I have so much stuff ready for her to enjoy, and dying for her to get here....I figure I'll share them with you while I wait.

Today's featured baby craft #1: Newborn Bracelets

With the convenience of our Christmas tree still being up, I have featured several of the newborn bracelets I have become addicted to making. They are so easy and she has them in about 10 different colors right now...yes, I have a problem. 
(At least now she'll have one for every outfit.)

Watch for baby craft #2 coming soon!