Ever Olivia ~ 6 Months Old

Baby Ev,

      Half a year has flown by so fast baby girl! Daddy and I are amazed at how much you have grown in the last 6 months. It has been a huge month of milestones for all of us too. You now sit up all by yourself and love to just play with your toys and watch mom and the kitty move around the house. I'll just set your toy basket in front of you and you go to town yanking out things left and right. You'll grab a toy, put it in your mouth for a bit, then move on to your next toy until you get to the bottom of the basket.
      We are super excited because you got your first two teeth this month! Two little chompers on your bottom gums. It's made our nights a little longer but they are just so cute peeking through your gums. If I thought your smile was adorable before, now it's just irresistible and I love it even more! This month we also started feeding you your first taste of baby food! Mmmm yum! So far we have only tried pureed sweet potatoes and pears. Pears are your favorite so far. We really enjoy watching you eat. It's a whole production as your still learning what to do with solid food in your mouth. You're getting better each day and can keep most of it in your mouth now. First try was super cute. You really didn't know what to think and made the best faces.

      You had your first two play dates this month as well. First you were playing with Cole and Aiden but you pretty much stared at them because they are a year older than you but that didn't stop those sweet boys from  trying to love on you. Second play date, we had the girls over too. You got to play with a bunch of your little friends including Cole, Aiden, Pepper, Avery and baby boy Morrell (to be named soon). It was adorable watching all the babies interact and you had a great time with them.

      You have grown so beautifully and are weighing a hefty18 pounds now and showing more personality by the day. You're picking up on things like, screaming = mom getting the toy I dropped,  smiling at anyone = huge smiles in return, grabbing the cats tail = getting hissed at by the kitty. You are learning so fast and it's incredible to watch you learn something so you know what to do next time. Already so smart love. Keeping growing beautiful and strong. We love you to pieces baby girl!

Mom and Dad

Play date with the boys. You're a little small for coloring books.

Cole sharing his teddy with you.

 You always wake up so happy to see me.
 Still waking up...

 All dressed and ready for your play date.

 Loving miss Avery.

 You and lil Pepper.

 The play date.

 You got to spend mommy and daddy's 3rd anniversary with them at Benihanas.

 Digging through your toy box.

 Waiting to go to church.

 First time eating baby food. You loved those sweet potatoes.

 Our beautiful butterfly.

 Playing with mom and dad.

Love you bug!