5 Thing Friday

So Friday's will now be known as 5 thing Friday which will include 5 random things about me for others to get to know. The point is that these 5 things are not general knowledge so it may surprise a few readers. I'd love to here some 5 facts about you other bloggers out there so we can get to know each other and the random facts most people don't know about us. It's harder than you may think. Good luck!

1. My favorite sport to play in middle school and high school for P.E. was always Badminton. Loved it. Still do.

2. My second semester of college when I was down at Snow, my buddy Shaun, gave me a terrible nickname that stuck. He randomly got a sharpie and wrote Narf across my garbage can in my room. Since then, he's called me that forever and for some reason I kept that garbage can long enough for my husband to see it and had to explain the terror. Shaun says it just came to him from watching Pinky and the Brain one day, and he thought it fit. Ouch.

3. We're not prego, or close at all, but since I can remember, I have been gathering baby names that I love like were giving birth tomorrow. I have a journal and the very back page is filled with about 12 names for boys and 10 names for girls. And I love them all! Every time I read a book, Greg says I become obsessed with a character and want to give our child that name. He may be on to something....We're gonna need to have a big family to make room for all the names I love!
4. I bought my wedding dress before Greg proposed. Yes, it's true and I'm not ashamed. He loves giving me a hard time about jumping the gun but I knew it was love. And the fact he likes to forget how much we talked about getting married before he actually popped the question. Bum. But I was excited and when I happened to just be browsing with my Mom and Grandma and we came across the "one" we couldn't leave it behind.

5. Greg and I talk about dream vacations we'd like to take someday when the kids are grown, and Ireland is one of the places we'd love to visit. I love the culture and stories and beautiful accents,*sigh* not to mention the incredible scenery. I can't wait to visit the Cliffs of Moher. A-maz-ing! Someday hunny, we'll make it there!


Wednesday Wishes

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Wednesday Wishes
One: Someday when I start my amateur photography biz, this is what I'd like to own

Two: I want a puppy. It may be that I just watch Marley and Me but I can't
wait to have a big puppy when we have a home.

3: I wish there was at least one more hour in the day so I could spend
more time with my husband.

4: Wish I could make cherry turnovers the way they do at Arby's. yummmmmm


Hugs and Kisses

Woke up to find 2 dozen beautiful roses and a very romantic card outside our room this morning. Talk about the right way to start a Monday! Greg leaves for work really early but today before he left he went and got my a beautiful bouquet of roses and a sweet card. He is such and incredible person and I am so thankful to have been blessed with such and amazing man and friend as my husband. Love you honey, happy Valentine's Day.


Cancun...Our Amazing Vacation

So we just got back from 5 days in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. It was absolutely beautiful and so warm every day. It was always in the 80's which made going to the beach pretty much the only thing we wanted to do while we were there. However, we eventually made time to do a few other things while we were there also.

The highlights have been spending lots of time in the ocean and on the beach. The water was amazing! So warm and so pretty. We hung out in the pool and around the hotel with our friends the Walton's. We were so glad they came along with us and had so much fun with them.

We also went kayaking, played tennis, a little ping pong, went boogie boarding, took a bus ride to the local flea market, ate lots and lots of food, played bingo, relaxed in the hot tub, played some fun wave games in the ocean, and watched many, many drunk people. We also spent a lot of time avoiding alcohol being poured into all of our drinks. The tropical drinks were soooo good! I had one Pina Colada after another. People couldn't believe that we didn't want alcohol in them. We were mocked on several occasions for that! :)

The flea market was intense. It was fun at first but after about the first 20 minutes of being bombarded by person after person trying to coerce and in some cased force us into their shops it got ridiculous! We only ended buying a tee shirt and a pretty handmade clay salsa bowl. I caught some of it on video. It was crazy.

The only low life of the trip was when I got a pretty severe sun burn on our second day which has been a lingering issue, but thankfully is finally getting better.

I made a lobster look albino there for a day or so! But after pretty much bathing in aloe daily, the burns have subsided.

All in all, it was one heck of an incredible vacation. It was both Greg and I's first time out of the country and new using our passports I just want to fill it up with stamps like crazy. Hopefully one day I can order a new one because it's full(here's to dreaming :). The Walton's were perfect vacation buddies, we had a blast doing everything with them. We love Mexico and can't wait to go back!
Tons of pictures in this post but I was too excited to share our trip so what the hey?! Here ya go!

Riding the shuttle from the airport to our hotel. We were super excited the whole ride there!

We celebrated Greg's 29th birthday there on the 1st at the fancy restaurant!
It was tasty! Happy Birthday hunny!

Riding the bus to the flea market

Watching the guys try to shop and avoid the people constantly yapping at them.
"Hey amigos, I got lowest prices", "Ok my turn, you come to my store now",
"Hey Americans, you like low price?"
Phrases being yelled at you constantly! Stressful

Had to have our sexy photo shoot on the beach. Can't stop
laughing at the look on Greg's face! Ha ha

As well as a sweet one ♥

Dinner at Bogavante...steak night. It was awesome!

Beach right outside our hotel

View from the pool to the ocean.

Our Hotel, The Royal Solaris.

Pool swim up bar, one of my favorite features of the hotel! :)

Wish I could make watermelon that pretty

Our bed was made different every day.

Waiting for dinner

One of the pools

Us get our drink on. Greg loved the strawberry daiquiris.

Walton's just relaxing

Lee's just relaxing...this is me pre-lobster burn. This is the day it actually
happened. Ah fair skin, no matter of sun screen could have saved you.

Greg looking might fine posing with his boogie board.

Craig and Angelie playing a little dutch blitz before dinner

Britt and Greg getting killed by Craig in dutch blitz.

Dinner at Veneto, first night there was delicious! Best dessert ever!

He should never have given up on his male model dream, he's a natural.

The damage was done. Too bad it was on the 2nd day so walking hurt a little
the rest the trip. No matter, it was still awesome!

The boys were thrilled when they pulled out the ping pong table.

Handsome man playing a little pong.

Crazy iguana dude by us when we went kayaking. Wanted to pet him...up close he's
a little scary though.