L is for....

Lee. Or Love. Hmmm... laughter?
Or maybe looney bin...which is our house on occasion.
(Keeps us young)
Got down to a little crafting with the girls while the husbands were on the golf course. 
This is the newest doornament (new favorite word) and yellow is quickly
becoming the new favorite color. So summery and yummy.... 
Like butter.
I love it!


Morning at the Temple

 Ah look at us young kids getting up early on a Saturday to go to the Temple. What a way to start your weekend. Ben, Sutton, Ben's brother Andrew, Chelsea and Brett all came and we enjoyed a fun couple of hours together. 

And as a special request to Ben, here are some photos of Greg :)

The Husband and I.
(He's so good lookin' in his Sunday best!)

Myself and the Beautifully Prego Chelsea 

The perdy couples :)

Ben and his Bro Andrew. He was visiting...awesome he got to come with us.

It's so fun to go with groups of your friends.


Girls Night

Recently all our husbands have taken up going golfing quite a bit. So we figured we'd have a fun girls night out while they were off at the greens. 

It doesn't get much girlier than pedicures. It made for a great time!

Lovin' ma toes!


Coming Soon...

The 2011 Bucket List Jar Of Fun!!!
...or just The Bucket List for short

So once play rehearsals start, my nights and weekends are going to start to fill up rapidly.
We all know how much I ♥ my nights to be with the husband so this wasn't something I really looked forward to as much. 


The Bucket List was born.

It's not a do before you die kind of bucket list but sort of something to keep us busy enjoying each other.

I came across someones adorable blog, who I can't for the life of me find again, and saw here little bucket list box she made for her kids. It was more so they didn't get super bored over the summer doing the same things.

Were not so much kids any more but I love the idea. So twice a week, were going to take turns drawing a cute lil' paper outta the "Bucket List Jar" I'm working on and NO MATTER WHAT, we have to do whatever the activity is. Some I know we'll love, some are things we always say we'll do and never do, then there maybe one or two I know I'll love but I can already hear Greg's groans. 

 Some of our summer ideas to enjoy together are outdoor activities, stay-inside-and-cuddle-activities, surprising our friends with treats or chalk drawings on their doorsteps and a whole bunch of other awesomeness! I'm just finishing up our list to add to the jar this week then we're going to unleash it's super-funness onto the world...or us at least

We will be posting pics as we document all our summer fun so you're not gonna wanna miss this!

 Watch for the first Bucket List post Coming Soon!'s gonna be hilarious!   


Im in Love

With a brownie. It's a torrid affair really. Greg seems to be ok with it. In fact he loves them as well. Last night we experimented with a new brownie. 

Very simple. 

This brownie started out like all the rest but half way through we layered the middle with some melted down caramels that made this ooey gooey creation absolutely mouth watering. Soooo bad but oh soooo goooood!

Wish this was the image i took of them, but this is from the recipe I just came across here.

Totally worth the trip to the gym today! Ha!


Red, White and Blue!

So we had a fun pool party for Memorial Day and of course I didn't get a single picture of it. Huge bummer. So I thought I'd be a little patriotic a few days late and show you the wreath I made for the holiday(s). 

I got the idea from here.

 Super easy to make and I had fun doing it.

 It's gonna make another appearance around 4th of July.
Who doesn't like double use decor. I love it!