Ever Olivia ~ 5 Months Old

Sweetest Everkins,

5 months today and you're getting bigger by the minute! Strangers at the craft store will see you and say, "Boy she's a good eater!" haha. We love it! You are our big girl and are just beautiful! We had more of a relaxing month of July after all the craziness in June. All your cousins and grandparents just miss you like crazy. We swam a lot this month and you are getting so comfortable in the water. You love just being held and floating around in your little bumblebee. When we try to stretch you out to kick your legs you try to stick your face in the water and just gulp. It's pretty darn cute!

We got you a few new toys this month and you are in love with them! One is your little rain forest bouncer that you stand up in and it is so funny to watch you. You just laugh and jump around, we could watch it all day. Then we got you a little play mat with toys hanging from the top for you to play with. That's another favorite of yours. Ever since you learned to role over last month you can't get enough of it. You really seem to enjoy being on your tummy a lot more but haven't quite figured out how to role back the other way.

If it's even possible this month you talk more than ever. You love to just jabber all day long and laugh and squeal and make any other noise you learn how. You are closer to sitting up on your own and actually prefer to but in that position so you can look around and see everybody. Mommy and Daddy's friends tell us all the time the you are just the happiest smiley baby and it's true. Ever time I look at you and you see me looking you bust out in a huge gummy grin. My favorite thing you do lately is when you wake up from your naps. I'll hear you wake up and your just talking and rolling around in your bed. Then when I go in there and you notice me you look up and just smile and laugh and look like your are so happy to see your mom. I love it! You make mommy and daddy so very happy baby girl! We love you more than ever sweet babe and can't wait to see what next month brings!

Your first Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

 You loved it!

This is how we often find you after a nap. Wiggle worm.

One of your favorite toys are your toes.

 You're gonna be crawling any day now.

You love hanging with Daddy...

and helping mom with laundry!

Love you cuddle bug!