Ever Olivia ~ 3 Months

Baby Ev,

Three months in the blink of an eye baby girl. You are getting bigger and more beautiful every day honey. The older you get the more active and amazing you become. You smile and talk at us all hours of the day and we can't get enough of it. You have really discovered your fingers nowadays and you love nothing more than to put them in your mouth. Before you eat, after you eat, while I'm changing your clothes, when you're in the bath tub...ALL. THE. TIME. It's pretty darn cute though. I can only imagine how it'll be when you start to teeth. ....can't wait....eek. 

Daddy and I are pretty sure you are only days away from full on laughing out loud. You sort of make a little coo noise when we do things that you like and make you smile. You have now come around to enjoying having daddy blow raspberries on your tummy. It used to terrify you and you'd start to cry whenever he'd do that now you just grin like crazy. So cute. 

If at all possible, you love the bath even more. You now kick your arms and legs the whole time and start to fuss when it's time to get out. Bath time is a favorite around here. You really like to sit up now and sort of get frustrated when you're laying down. I think it's time for a bumbo. You enjoy being able to see everything that's going on around you. 

If at all possible Daddy and I love you more and more everyday. You are beautiful in all your baby cuteness! We love you to the moon and back baby girl!

Mommy and Daddy

 Bonding with Dad

 Loving you and all your baby rolls.

 You love being wrapped up for nap time.

After your bath. You'd live in the tub if you could.

 Can't get enough of your daddy.

 Little lady in red.

You're coming around to actually liking tummy time. 

Everyone loves your Buddha belly.

You are turning into just the happiest, smiley baby.

Our sweet berry baby.

 Never seen a cuter crack. 


Mother's Day

So grateful for this beautiful baby girl giving me the greatest gift, becoming a mother. I have loved being  a mom every step of the way. From the sleepless nights to priceless smiles, this has been the best journey of our lives. So thankful for a wonderful husband who has helped me be the best mom I can be and supporting me and our sweet Ever through the rough times and the greatest moments. And as always, I wouldn't be the mother I am today without my own mom. She has shown me what it is to be a mother and I'm grateful for the way she raised me and for her example. I love you mom, and so does our sweet baby Ever. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom