The most amazing few years...

From dating....


To getting engaged ....

To getting married...


 To finding out we're starting a family together....

It has been an absolutely amazing couple of years getting to be man and wife.
I love you more than ever Greg.
Happy 2 year Anniversary!

I can't wait to spend forever with you.


Baby Lee!

Yes, it's true. Greg and I are expecting our first little angel baby.

I am 3 and half months pregnant and I still can't believe it! We are thrilled and out of our minds with excitement! We just had our first sonogram yesterday and I can barely even describe the feeling of seeing our little baby for the first time.
It was so beautiful! 
Our little babe must have been as excited to be seen because he/she was moving their arms and legs around so we were able to get some really good pictures! It still feels like a dream but I already am so in love with this little sugar bear I can't believe it!

Due date is Februrary 21, 2012!

 Our little angel babe waving to us for the first time :)
 Can't wait to meet you little one!


Sail On, Sail On....

So for the last month and a half of my life I have dedicated every night to creating a wonderful production of Titanic the Musical. I have never put so much time and energy into something that didn't last forever. Yesterday was closing night and we wrapped up the show with one of the best performances of the entire run. I am so glad I stuck with this. The first few days I came home upset telling Greg how much I wasn't enjoying it and wanted to quit. With Greg being the brilliant man he is, he told me to stick it out and it would eventually be so worth it. 
He was so right. 
I love this show and adore the people I got to meet even more. The entire cast was so talented with incredible voices that I was blown away every night. I haven't done theater in a long while now and this just reminded me of why I loved it in the first place. The cast becomes your family. You spend more time with them than your own family for so long that you can't help but get close to them. That could be why leaving them was so hard yesterday. Not seeing them every day will be hard. I made some of the most incredible memories doing this show and will be forever grateful to have been a part of something so amazing.  
Sail on, Sail on....Godspeed Titanic.

Set just about done being built.

The completed set

 My favorite spot on the ship...this is where I sing to my son and husband before
getting on the lifeboats without him.

 My sweet little boy Liam

The Thayers-one good lookin' family!

My little makeup station in the dressing room.
 Delynda-or the woman who made me try out for the play. I owe many thanks to her!

 Sadly, the only pictures I got of the actual show.

Closing day...our last picture as a family.

Striking the set after closing. Sad day :(

So glad this is how I chose to spend my Summer. 

I'll ♥ you forever Titanic.