Finally it's Here!

No, not the baby. ♥ I absolutely love HALLOWEEN!  I have been planning a Halloween party since August. Greg loves to remind me of that...and It's Finally HERE! I must have the greatest husband in the world because while he likes Halloween, he is married to someone who maybe takes things a bit overboard every year. 
Ok, maybe not overboard but no matter what, he always dresses up as whatever I want us to be. I came up with a few options and told him my ideas. I then decided to let him pick from those 3 or so what we would go as. I know, I amaze myself that I actually gave him the option to choose. What can I say, I'm growing.
So we tend to make our own costumes every year since we've been married so we were walking around Goodwill looking for some inspiration. We went there with a plan in mind then i saw this awesome fur coat. I've always wanted to go as Cruella De Vil and the coat was perfect. I asked Greg earlier in the year if he would go as one of my Dalmatian puppies and being the greatest husband in the world he agreed.
As it turns out though, we will not be going as Cruella and Dalmatian #1.
I am just about 6 months pregnant and we wanted to do something featuring baby in our costume as well so we went back to our original idea that Greg picked from my list of possibles.

I am super excited about them and think they will be a hit! After the big party, I'm going to post pictures, until then....the costumes are a secret! Stay tuned!


We're 1/2 Way There!

So we have officially past our half way mark as of Tuesday 
this week! The same day as our half way mark in the
pregnancy, we found out we are have a
beautiful baby GIRL!!!

We couldn't be more thrilled! Greg thinks its just so I can go buck 
wild with my girly crafts I've been dying to make!

Sure enough I have a few projects already started for our sweet baby miss!
Can't wait to blog those...

So since we are past half way, I thought it was time to post some 
preggo pics of the journey thus far. I really haven't been consistent
since about week 17 taking these but from there on out I 
promised to have a weekly photo for our baby journal.

6 weeks
We told my mom on her birthday then took her golfing. 
It was an amazing day!

9 Weeks.
Eating at outback. Another week of bad belly photos.

 10 Weeks.
I had just started the play I was in. Sick as a dog.

 11 Weeks.

 15 Weeks.
Baby's first Ranger Game.

17 Weeks.
Visiting soon-to-be Grandma and Grandpa in Coeur d'Alene.

18 Weeks.
First that most people started noticing I was preggo. 
Really when I thought I looked preggo. 

 19 Weeks.
Feeling Good.

 20 Weeks.
And going strong. The day we found out about our 
sweet little girl!
More excited than we have ever been in our lives. 
The day after we found out it was a girl, Greg told me he had a surprise for me and went into the closet and pulled out two precious little baby girl outfits. Couldn't help but tear up.
She already has him wrapped around her finger.

Love you little sugar bear. We can't wait to meet you!