Happy Halloween!!!

So Greg and I had fun celebrating our 3rd Halloween together here in Texas. Our ward through a Chili Cook Off which would have been more fun if Greg wouldn't swell up eating beans. Anyways, our friends and us all dressed up and had some fun. They had a trunk-or-treat for the kids and after they went through our group went around and the husbands having no shame were filling up pockets, purses and bags full of candy. It was hilarious watching them. Greg and I went as a 20's gangster couple, Lauren and Steve went as they Birds and the Bee's and Sutton and Ben went as a smurf couple. They were all hilarious and we had a great time. We also got to carve pumpkins with the Byers. As usual, Gregs turned out great, carving a house on haunted hill and mine wasn't working out so I went with Go Rangers to support our team in the playoffs.(Too bad they lost) It was a blast carving and laughing with them.


1 Year Anniversary!!!!

If you can believe it, Greg and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on August 22nd! We really celebrated it over three days just having fun. Friday we went to dinner at Salt Grass, a yummy texas steak house.

Saturday we spent all day at six flags, my first time. It was a BLAST!!!

Sunday, our actual anniversary, Greg gave me one of my gifts that just so happened to be the topper from our wedding cake. It has been in deep freeze in his parents basement in Glenwood since our wedding a year ago. I was so amazed that he'd had it shipped here I got all teary eyed. We cut it up and ate some. It had actually stayed really good for the whole year! It was an amazing day and amazing weekend. I love you babe. So glad to be your wife and share the incredible life we have together.



So things are going really well. Kandace, my boss, just had the triplets. 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome boy. Ainsley, Alexa and Asher! I'm so excited to go back to work when they come home from the hospital and play with them and the 2 year old Ashlyn. Greg's job is going well, not such long hours any more. We've actually had time to get in some golfing as well. He loves it! I'm learning to hit a little at the driving range but my coordination is not too great! We have a fun time doing it together though. With that, we have actually been married 11 months and one day. Little less than a month for our big 1 year! We're both so excited and can't wait to celebrate!! Still missing family and friends but making some new really great ones here. We have been enjoying some great dinners, game nights, movies and frozen yogurts with some great people. Texas has been great to us!


Yes, we moved and now reside in the Lone Star State. Greg took a summer sales job out here and we decided to do it together. We really didn't want to be apart so we packed up our lives and took off on our newest adventure. Miss family and friends but so far it's not too bad. We enjoy the warm weather...80 degrees everyday. Makes knocking a little tougher when the weather bumps up to 104 as the daily average. But we are happy to be together and enjoying this new opportunity.


Recap for the Last few months

So to catch up for the last couple of months....Our beautiful baby niece Lynlee Kate was born in December... We celebrated our first Christmas together...and our first Valentines and both of our birthdays! Wonderful couple of months together!


Some of our favorite wedding moments!
So it's been 6 months since my first and only post but from here things are going to change! Greg and I have now been married for 6 months and we are enjoying each other more every day. I thought I could post some wedding pictures since I never got around to doing it so I could share our day with you. Watch for more to come soon.