My First 1/2 Marathon

Just two weeks ago, I accomplished a huge goal for myself. I finished my first half marathon. It was the annual HITS Marathon of Oklahoma City. It was a really big event with so many runners. I set a goal about 4 months ago that I wanted to do this. I made up a 20 week training program and kept it on the fridge the entire time to keep me motivated. 

I grew up hating to run,especially in school.
  Horrible "fun run" in high school. 
But the last 4 years or so, I have come around to really enjoying the sport and decided to do something big. I started getting up early so I could run before Greg left for work. That too was something I didn't like; so not a morning person.
But in the end, it paid off and I'm so glad I did. 

This is about 6 am. Nervous...

...but so pumped! 

 Greg and the girls were waiting for me at the finish line; I was smiling and waving like a crazy person as soon as I saw them. 

Greg caught me sprinting to the finish line.

Completed 13.1 miles in 2 hour and 23 minutes. A personal best. :)

 Cooling down and feeling crazy. Crazy good. 

Can't wait for the next one. 

Seriously, hardest thing I've ever done but so worth the amazing feeling of accomplishment. Only now am I getting the feeling back in my knees and recovering fully but I'm already looking forward the next goal. 


Our Favorite Month

October has always been my favorite month. Fall is coming, perfect weather and my favorite holiday just around the corner.

Halloween's the best!!

The girls and I made it to our first pumpkin patch here in Oklahoma. 

They had a pony ride and Ever couldn't have been more excited. She loves horses and ponies.

She was grinning the entire time.

She had to wander up and down each aisle searching for the perfect pumpkin.

 Liv was happy with the first one I put in her lap.

After finding just the right pumpkins, we headed to the petting zoo where Ever got to feed a bunch of animals. They had goats, llamas, pigs and sheep. She couldn't get enough of the miniature goats that just loved her. She would have stayed and fed them all day long. They both had a ball at the pumpkin patch this year.