We're going down...

Well we sink 8 times actually, but on the 31st, we'll stay sunk.

After all the time and energy put into the last month of not really having a life so I can live and breath rehearsals, it's all about to pay off! Titanic opens tomorrow night! I have never been so excited for a show opening like this one. This play is just beautiful. The music is amazing and every member of this cast is truly talented!

It has all come together this last week and made for a breath taking production.  Final dress rehearsal tonight, (a free showing by the way, we need to practice with an audience) and I feel like it's going to be amazing! 

Check the poster below for all the deets.

Really gonna miss this show when it's over. I have come to love the entire cast and have so much fun with them. It's amazing how close a group of people become over the span of a month because we are together for hours every day. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to be part of this show, and for Delynda dragging me to auditions when I really didn't think I could do it in the first place. She believed in me and now I am a part of the best show I have ever done!


Ah, Utah

Greg and I were lucky enough to go to Utah and see all our parents in one trip. With my Dad in Idaho, Mom in California and his parents in Utah it was such an awesome trip. These are some, not all of the trip, those will come later. There is a ton but I was just too excited to see all our fam so I got camera happy.
Hubby's such a handsome man.


The four of us went golfing for moms birthday.

Got to surprise Rod for his 60th birthday. Had an awesome cabin up in Heber and spent
Saturday at the lake. Only the kids were brave enough for the freezing water.

We met Sadie lady for the first time this trip. Such-a-doll!

Gotta love the big boys playing in the sand with the kids!

Last day with Greg's fam we had a fun picnic at Bridal Veil Falls. Beautiful!

Napping in the shade after our hike.

Kaylee bug loved playing with my hair