Clear Your Schedules...

And make room for Titanic! I did it! I got the part! I have been cast as Marian Thayor. She is a first class passenger traveling with her husband and young son aboard the Ship of Dreams. The play is all based on actual events and characters that were on the ship for it's maiden voyage.

This is the actual Marian Thayor

This is her and her hubby John lookin' all fancy

I'm so excited to do this show. I have been listening to all the music from it and it's awesome! I get to have a cute little singing moment with John and our son, Jack, as we get on a lifeboat and have to leave him. :(   It is going to be so fun!


Petting Zoo

Our apartment does these little events every now and again and they put up a petting zoo! Awww. Who says you need kids to love the petting zoo. My favorite was the little piggy...he was SO cute. Asked Greg for one, he wasn't as excited about that idea as me.


Call backs and L.A. Ink

So auditions went pretty good. I made callbacks and have a second audition this weekend. Excited and way less nervous because its mostly reading from the scripts in groups. Forgot how much I missed theater after being away for so long. Should be fun with a little less pressure.


On to the L.A. Ink. I work at a corporate travel agency and some of the agents have celebrity clients. On occasion they'll call they office and I'll get to talk to them. Well not too often since it's only happened once but still fun. It was Kat Von D, the tattoo artist from the TV show L.A. Ink. Most people might recognize her now as Jesse James' fiance. (Sandra Bullocks ex-hubby) She was nice. Just thought it was cool.

Kat Von D and Jesse James


Auditions kinda make me nauseous

Oh geez, what have we gotten into this time??  I told a friend of mine how much I used to love theatre in High School and somehow she talked me into auditioning for Titanic the Musical here in Dallas. Yup.
I'm gonna be sick. My audition is tonight in just about 2 hours. I've actually felt sick all day but that was because I didn't sleep well and have a huge headache, so adding butterflies on top of things and I'm feel fantastic. Ugh.

I'm 98% a nervous wreck with 2% excitement...just like the haircut. Only this time, I get the opportunity to make a total fool of myself in front of complete strangers. Yay me. I was never musical in HS so having to sing two songs is bunches of fun. 

Wish me a broken leg, let's see how it goes!


It's new, it's different....i'm scared.

Getting a new hair cut tonight. I'm excited...a little nervous...but mostly excited. The most I ever do is trim it up and add a few layers here and there. Were talking like maybe 8 inches of hair being cut off. gulp! But I'm ready for change and in need of serious shorter hair to deal with the triple digit heat were bound to get in just a few short weeks. I'll post some pictures tomorrow after the deed is done. 

Lucky for me I have a great stylist working on it so I think it'll turn out great. Stay tuned for tears of joy...
we hope!

Bring on new things this year...starting with the hair...


Must Read!!!

If you haven't already, add The Help by Kathryn Stockett to your must read list.

So good!


So proud...

We actually ate a good n' healthy meal last night...

  • Balsamic Glazed Salmon
  • Steamed Green Beans
  • and Tasty Rice Pilaf
After a good session of yoga for the girls, and basket ball for the boys, this was a perfect dinner. Greg's "loving" this new health kick. Working out really hard and eating way healthier. 

Longer, healthier life, here we come!


BBQ Pool Party

Greg and I have been blessed here in Texas with some really good friends. We do different things together on the weekends and now that spring is here, were breaking in the pool. Fa-Reezing! But we were all laughing in the end with impressive jumps off a 3 foot ledge and awesome chicken fights with laughing- screaming girls. Hilarious!

I have also learned...Monkey Bread is now a must at BBQ's and get togethers. This was the first time trying out the recipe, and it was a huge success. The gooey deliciousness of cinnamon and sugar is to-die-for! Jumped up high on my top favorite desserts!

Our Olympic worthy ledge jumping skills....ha.

Ya'll don't wanna mess with them there Texas gal's.



I have always loved Easter. It was a big deal to celebrate in my family growing up and so I wanted to carry on the tradition with my own family. We don't have kids who get super excited to color eggs or open Easter baskets so I like to do it for us.

 Greg had fun once we got going too!


 Can't wait till we have kids big enough to hunt for the eggs after we color them...totally the best part!