So things are going really well. Kandace, my boss, just had the triplets. 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome boy. Ainsley, Alexa and Asher! I'm so excited to go back to work when they come home from the hospital and play with them and the 2 year old Ashlyn. Greg's job is going well, not such long hours any more. We've actually had time to get in some golfing as well. He loves it! I'm learning to hit a little at the driving range but my coordination is not too great! We have a fun time doing it together though. With that, we have actually been married 11 months and one day. Little less than a month for our big 1 year! We're both so excited and can't wait to celebrate!! Still missing family and friends but making some new really great ones here. We have been enjoying some great dinners, game nights, movies and frozen yogurts with some great people. Texas has been great to us!