A Tangled Halloween

As of right now Ever's favorite princess is Rapunzel and that's who she wanted to be for Halloween this year. And if anybody knows me, they know Halloween is my favorite holiday and we dress up EVERY year. Greg loves it. He does. Ok, love may be a strong word but he's a trooper every year going along with his wifes crazy costume antics. 

We all went as characters from Disney's Tangled.

Greg was Flynn Rider 
and Liv was Pascal the Chameleon

Ever was Rapunzel 
and I was Mother Gothel

My favorite picture of the evening. 

 Cutest chameleon I've ever seen!!

She even loved the hair. Wore it all night. 

A Princess and her Chameleon. 
Best friends.

Cutest family ever.
Let's see how long my kids will go for the family themed costumes.
Love them :)

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