Ever Olivia ~ 9 Months Old

Ever O,

This past month has been packed with all sorts of fun bugs. We started the month off by going out to visit grandma Polly in California. She lives on a ranch with lots of cows and horses and dogs so you had a prettybgoodntime out there being entertained by all that. Made momma want to get you a puppy for Christmas because younere so cute with grandmas little corky.

Later we got to fly out to Idaho to see grandma and grandpa Hammond and spend your first thanksgiving with a lot of the family. You Met your uncle Casey for the first time and already have him wrapped around your little finger. All your aunts and uncles couldn't get enough of you!

In the last 3 weeks you have gone from scooching to full on ninja crawling. It's like overnight you figured it out and now you are so fast I'll turn around for a second and you'll be down the hall or in the next room. Now that you have gotten so mobile you are loving to discover all the new "toys" you've been missing out on. You love the shelves that hold the picture frames and the bookcase with loads of pretty book to pull out. We put up the Christmas tree too and you enjoy pulling ornaments off that everyday. Even though I'm cleaning up twin the messes now, momma is so proud of you! I adore seeing you crawl and discover new things every day.

You are a champ at pulling yourself up on everything and have more recently learned how to manuever around the furniture. Mom and dad are convinced you'll be walking before your first birthday. Your balance is o good now and you are so brave that you'll crawl or stand up anywhere and try to get around. You are really good at finding mom and dad whenever we're in a different room. Your toys only keep you interested for so long then you'll wander around until you find us.

You are branching out with more foods. We give you bits and tastes of our food a lot but it's hit or miss lately. Right now you still love all your puréed baby food, veggie and fruit puffs, yogurt melts and your newest love, whole wheat waffles. At least it's sort of healthy. We try giving you all sorts of things but different textures seem to freak you out a little. We're working on it with. All those 6 chompers.

While we were in Idaho we did a little Christmas celebration as well since we all can't be together this year. You got to open a couple gifts from grandma and grandpa and it was so fun watching you open things! You got a little baby doll that laughs and you just love her! It has been a great month watching you grow and be around family! Everyone adores you more and more.

We love you a whole barrel full of monkeys lil nugget!

Momma and Daddy

 Grandma, you and Hunter

 Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen

 Loving Corky

Silly ma and pa

Your best lil bud Pepper!
Scouring the ads for Black Friday Deals with uncle Talon!

Loving on Grandpa Hammond
Snacking on Turkey day
Your first Thanksgiving in Coeur d'alene Idaho.

Auntie Em and Grandma

Our own Christmas morning a little early this year.
You loved opening presents!

All dressed up pretty for church.

Your uncles are smitten with you.

Family love.

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